Athletic Greens Review

Why hello there! It’s been awhile since I last blogged, but I was in need of some time away, especially after the wake of violence in Orlando over the weekend. My heart is absolutely broken over these senseless acts of violence.

A wonderful friend of mine (@dani_nemeh on instagram if you want to follow her) shared a quote from pastor Rick Warren that I really loved, “Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” I’m going to end my thoughts on all the violence with that quote because I truly think it speaks volumes.
On a much lighter note I do want to talk about Athletic Greens. The team at Athletic Greens sent me some of their superfood cocktail packets to test out. If you follow me on instagram you know I love my smoothie bowls, so I was super pumped about adding even more nutrients to it.
Right off the bat I LOVED the individual packets. Life is busy and I found the individual packets were really convenient for grabbing while out on the go to throw in a shaker bottle, or even when I was home making a smoothie not having to measure it out was great. Athletic Greens is completely allergen friendly so everyone can enjoy it- a big bonus for people like me who can’t have gluten or dairy! The one thing I did not like about the packets though is that it says “superfood cocktail.” I think the word cocktail is really misleading and even one of my friends questioned if it had alcohol in it, which it doesn’t. I think if it said “superfood blend” or even “superfood mix” it would be much better.
Another thing I really love Athletic Greens is that it’s packed with superfoods! We could all use more superfoods in our diet and having them all packed in the same place made it easier to get the nutrients. Since Athletic Greens is packed with so many nutrient rich foods it provides a natural boost to your immune system- an awesome bonus for people who suffer from auto-immune diseases like me. Even if you don’t need the added boost for your immune system you’re still getting a full days serving of fruits and vegetables. For any fruit or veggie haters this could definitely be helpful! One packet of Athletic Greens contains only 40 calories (4.8g carbs, 1.9g fiber, 4g protein) so you’re getting a powerful nutritional boost for very few calories.
To be totally honest, when I first tried Athletic Greens I was not a big fan. I included it in a fruit smoothie and the taste was really overpowering to me. I’m not sure if it just didn’t mix well with all the fruit and protein powder or what. I’m not one to give up, so I tried it again in a very simple green smoothie and liked it MUCH better- I think it would taste really good in this green apple smoothie. I also found it to be good blended by itself in just water, but if you don’t like protein powder blended with just water than you might not be a fan. Like anything else if you don’t like it the first time don’t give up! Try having it in a different way because you may end up liking it!

Product Review of the Athletic Greens Supplement

Athletes and people with an active life style, or are serious about their health, need a good amount of nutrients to optimise their performance. Certain supplements like creatine and fish oil are needed by athletes in greater quantities than other people need them. Greens are another important supplement that is often ignored, or at least does not get the same amount of attention.

This is a Superfood Cocktail

Athletic Greens is a greens powder that has been brought out especially for use by athletes and people willing to invest in their health. It offers a premium superfood cocktail, with a well balanced list of ingredients that contains most of what athletes need for peak performance. Many greens drinks do not taste very pleasant, but this one has had several fruits, vegetables, vanilla and stevia added to the mixture. This results in a very smooth and slightly sweet taste that will appeal to most people.

A Single Serving Gives the Full Daily Value of Most Vitamins

The packaging on the container does claim no sweeteners are added to the mixture, but stevia, although definitely a herbal extract, is also used in many other foods and drinks as a sweetener. The other ingredients in Athletic Greens provide a complete multivitamin and multi mineral combination, which together with the greens supplement, will give athletes a supply of everything they need for a capital performance. A single serving of Athletic Greens will give the athlete the requisite daily dose of zinc, almost the whole daily Vitamin A requirement, together with the complete complement of Vitamin C, E and biotin, as well as the necessary assortment of B vitamins needed. This single serving also includes 160 percent of the essential day to day requirement of Vitamin B6 and about 500 percent of the Vitamin B12 that everybody needs for brain health. Enough Vitamin B12 is often difficult to get in the vegan diet, so Athletic Greens is a drink that will be a first rate choice of supplement for any athlete who is a vegan.

Different Sections

All these ingredients are obtained from various sources and foods. Most of them come from a variety of greens, mushrooms and a wide range of herbs and herbal extracts, and all are carefully selected and have been tested thoroughly. These are all great for building g immunity as well as boosting energy levels. These ingredients are divided into four different components.

1. The first part of the list contains all the well-known Superfoods. These include the herbs and greens that are incorporated for their nutrients and alkalinity. Alkalinity is necessary for all athletes to keep the Ph of their bodies maintained, especially those athletes who neglect the eating of enough green vegetables in their normal diets. The Superfoods group includes supplements like spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella, and these elements make up the bulk of Athletics Greens drink.

2. The second section of important ingredients includes a number of antioxidants and even more herbs. This is the second biggest group of nutrients in the powder. Among other elements, the powder contains the essential antioxidant citrus bioflavonoids, some pea protein and CoQ-10.

3. A group of mushrooms, with both reishi and shiitake, are included in the third component. These, together with other digestive enzymes, aid the speedy digestion and absorption of all the nutrients.

4. The last section contains a selection of the important probiotics. Athletic Greens is a great source of the well-known important probiotics lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum. These microflorae are dairy free, but the acidophilus may also aid lactose sensitive people to manage digestion of lactose. The natural development of microflora already in the intestines, is aided by the inclusion in the superfoods section of the probiotic fructooligosaccharide. This will develop many favourable side effects in athletes’ general health.

Two Servings a Day Recommended

The manufacturers of Athletic Greens recommend athletes take two servings a day. Product review of Athletics green powder leads one to the conclusion that this is one of the most effective wholefood, greens and vitamin supplements on the market, one that will certainly aid digestive health and help to produce the energy every athlete needs, Athletic Greens is undoubtedly one of the best in the market, but it is also pretty expensive. Most people however, athletes or not, agree that it is worth the price and can be considered life insurance. The two servings a day of Athletic Greens help them reach peak performance.