Testosterone Overload Symptoms

You often hear about a deficiency of testosterone and perhaps you’ve dealt with it in the past. Maybe you began taking a natural male enhancement supplement, or have received testosterone therapy through your doctor. Then again, maybe you don’t take anything at all to boost your testosterone levels yet you’ve experienced some odd symptoms and want to know if you may have testosterone overload with extenze male enhancement.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

If you do a search online you’ll find many websites that claim there are no symptoms at all if you’ve got very high levels of testosterone. They go on to say that it makes you feel great, look great, sex is incredible, and you’ll have muscles coming out of your eyeballs.

While this is true in many cases, except for the eyeball muscles, you should always aim for moderation. While enough of the male hormone will make you feel happier, more energetic, and boost your libido, too much of anything isn’t good for you. Even drinking too much water can harm your body or even kill you.

Common Symptoms of Testosterone Overload

  • You may be more inclined to smoke, drink alcohol excessively, and indulge in risky behavior.
  • You could notice that you get more injuries
  • You might have trouble keeping a job or become a workaholic
  • Some men might indulge in criminal activity
  • Sex drive is so high you aren’t satisfied and seek out more and more sex or masturbate several times a day
  • You might find it hard to stay in a relationship or you remain single
  • Staying home and being antisocial could be more appealing than socializing
  • Your temper may flare more often and you notice that smaller things bother you
  • That’s not to say that all men with high levels of testosterone exhibit these behaviors.

If You Suspect Your T Levels Are Too High

If you have been on testosterone therapy through your doctor or are on any natural supplements that are said to enhance testosterone levels and you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor about this. You may have to cut back on the dose or switch to something else. If you have naturally high levels of testosterone—which is uncommon though not out of the question—your doctor may be able to provide medication to counteract its effects.

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