YouTube SEO: Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Videos in 2018

Today, marketers and SEO analysts recognize the inherent importance of spreading their brands across the web. As social networks have become such a vital part of our personal and professional lives, you probably already know how powerful YouTube is as a marketing tool.


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine online, followed by Google? Well, according to Google (back in February 2017), users watch an average of one billion hours of video content a day! Very often, companies miss the marketing opportunity hidden behind a simple video. People today are looking for visual content and search engines, especially YouTube, know this. Having said that, it is not enough to just upload video content – it needs to be optimized and to buy cheap youtube comments in order to be easily reached. Tune in for our 9 YouTube SEO tips for driving more traffic to your channel.


Watch time is one of YouTube’s ranking factors, which means the number of video clicks is less important than the overall time a person watches a video. We can also learn from this that Google prefers longer, engaging videos over shorter ones. Keep this in mind when creating your next video.


Use “Google Trends” to get inspiration for your next video topic. This Google tool lets you explore the trend of a certain search term. You can even filter the platform by a “YouTube Search”. You may also filter by location, time range and categories.


The title is one of the first things people see when searching for a video. Therefore, optimizing the title in the best way possible is crucial. Create a captivating title which best describes the content of the video. YouTube will recognize if your title is irrelevant by, among other things, tracking the aforementioned “watch time” – if users reached your video but didn’t stay to watch it – it probably isn’t valuable enough, and the title might not be describing your video in the best way possible.

To edit your video title, go to the “Video Manager”, click on “Videos”, click on a video title to edit, choose your title under “Basic info”, then click “Save Changes”.


Following the title of a video, the Google algorithm, and users, buy custom youtube comments will review the video description. Unlike in other platforms, it is really easy and useful to utilize this area to promote links. You can basically add anything to the YouTube description. Don’t overdo it though – although YouTube encourages you to use the description part to depict what the video is about, present other means of communication and direct users to your website, it will not tolerate link spamming.


Another way of informing YouTube what your video is about is by using tags. You want to be as specific as possible and, at the same time, use tags (or keywords) which are popular. First, use the most obvious tags related to your video. For example, if your video is about funny cats, you would start with the tags “cats” and “funny cats”. Second, use the auto-suggest YouTube search engine. You would now add “funny cats videos” and “funny cats 2018”, depending on what the cats are doing in the video.

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Gold IRA Companies: Technical Information about IRA Investments

Gold IRA is now a trending investment opportunity. It offers huge profits with the passage of time. It is among the secure investment options being used today. Unlike other investment options, it offers security and guarantees about profits. We have some ideas for investors looking for best gold IRA companies. These are tips to support investors to select the best IRA service, account type and investment plan.



Funding options:

IRA investors can choose multiple funding options. IRA Companies allow the users to transfer funds for following purposes.

  • Buy gold for the IRA account.
  • Fund transfer through 401K account.
  • Independent fund transfers.

Contact with financial experts:

Advice from an accountant or taxation expert is essential. Think about the situation before making a decision. You can bring the financial record to taxation experts in order to get proper analysis. On the other hand, buying gold coins or bullions is a critical decision. Contact your IRA custodian or an accountant in order to get helpful directions. Following purchase options are offered to IRA investors.

  • Gold mine stocks.
  • Gold bullions.
  • Gold coins.

Don’t forget to see pros and cons of these investment options. It would be better to see reviews having details about these IRA investment plans.

Approved gold options:

There are rules set by the IRA companies as well as government. It is necessary to invest in approved gold options. Gold coins by Australian Gold Kangaroo, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and US Gold Buffalo are approved for purchase.